Domestic Heating Oils

Drury Oils Ltd is the foremost supplier of domestic heating oil across the West of Ireland.

Why Choose Drury Oils Ltd?

  • Fuel delivered professionally on time
  • Same day fuel delivery service
  • Low fuel prices direct from our trader
  • Personal account management

Our prices are checked daily to ensure we offer the most competitive rates on all services. Order, sit back & we’ll deliver


We supply two types of home heating oil, Kerosene and Marked Gas Oil. Kerosene is used in most modern boiler systems, also be used in indoor boilers. It is treated with anti freeze agents to give you a winter grade oil. Marked Gas Oil is used in a lot of older house burners and is only suitable for systems with outdoor burners.

There is usually a sticker on your tank stating which oil type it takes and if you have ordered from us before we will have a record of which oil type your system takes. If you are unsure just mention this when placing your order.